Vancouver Zombie Walk

Another great Zombie Walk for Vancouver. This year, thousands of Vancouverites participated in this annual event to dress like zombies and march from the Van…

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  1. I’ll be at the 1212 walk.. tomorrow (Aug18th)

  2. Wicked Movie man !

  3. I seriously can not wait for this 8D

  4. I am soooo looking forward to going this year ^w^

  5. holy shit its deadrising .__.

  6. Welcome to Vancouver!

  7. LOL

  8. This is lame.

  9. thats me as Black Lantern Batman!

  10. No Twinkies.

  11. I wanna go to Vancouver now just for this.

  12. nEver going to vancouver…….

  13. @terminalstilett0 – Glad you love it! Thanks for being part of our video!
    You guys are the best!

  14. @nbmedia12 Thanks! We enjoyed editing this video!

  15. If you take the music out it looks quite dull.

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