Vancouver 420

April 20th, 2007 at the Vancouver Art Gallery. 8000+ in the crowd.


  1. even more packed this year 🙂

  2. i cant wait to go this year

  3. fuk ya dude!

  4. can’t wait 2 go 2 the art gallery next week

  5. i love weed

  6. I was there 😀 near those tents in the background. hopefully be there next
    year too. Legalize IT!

  7. cant wait for this years sesh we will probly have 3 times as many stoners:)
    ps i got god bud smells pretty good if you are in vancouver and are dying
    for a toke holla

  8. Yeah 420!!!! Gonna be there next year!

  9. 420!

  10. tommrow is THE DAY!

  11. first take care of head

  12. Happy 420 everyone. Be sure to come on down and enjoy the festivities
    today. peace

  13. payday this wk, so it’s gonna be more fun this year! 😀

  14. cool, everyone getting intox on government property?

  15. im so going to 420 this year…it’ll be my first time =) it’s two days
    after my friend’s birthday and hes a major stoner. he’s never been either.

  16. god is awesome i so want to smoke up with god DUDE you know how awesome
    that would be like up in smoke with OH! and ~STONERS PRIDE~

  17. see you alll their

  18. Yay for Georgia st!

  19. When he’s saying sit down i was right there mmhmm

  20. fucking rights


  22. im canadian and i know it! yea!!

  23. chillax…mellow…i will throw mj in your direction…oh yeah baby!!! i’m
    gonna catch one next year for sure!

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