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  1. Vancouver is a totally awesome place!! I visited there two years ago. Not
    only do residents have the ocean, but also the mountains…Very beautiful,
    not only the architecture, but just the landscapes in themselves, along
    with its extreme diversity. There are people from all over the world living
    there, and you get to experiece many different cultures, at least more
    compared to other places I’ve been. The climate is moderate too. If I could
    get a job in Vancouver, I would move there in a second!

  2. yeah but tell me why ?

  3. algeria ! do u know some of the algerians ?

  4. why ?

  5. come visit commerical drive around the skytrain station after 12pm……we
    can become friends.

  6. i do not know algerians in vancouver sorry

  7. come visit friend

  8. i have my family there

  9. im only joking. i not serious

  10. where r u from

  11. do not come visit here. i live here n will smack the sheet out you.

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