Saudi Students Society and the Canadian Islamic Cultural Exp

Saudi Students Society Participation (some images) at the Canadian Islamic Cultural Expo Vancouver Art Gallery Backyard The Canadian Islamic Cultural…
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  1. you can watch this Clip in High quality by clicking the icon (watch in high
    quality) . بامكانكم مشاهدة هذا المقطع بجودة عالية بالنقر على (watch in high
    quality). Thanks

  2. I went to this back in 07 and it’s all about the cuture from other
    countries that have Muslims in it, some things in this event have nothing
    to do with Islam. They should change the name of this event to the Middle
    East/ West Asian Cultural festival. FYI while the people putting on the
    displays just want to inform people about Islam most of the other arab
    Muslims who go to this are extremely cultural and wouldn’t give you the
    time of day if you aren’t arab, Muslim or not.

  3. عمل جداً رائع الله يعطيكم العافية ماقصرتم ,,,

  4. Hejaz style

  5. some of the lyrics r in hindi/urdu

  6. It only represent Arab culture not Islamic culture they should change it.

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