Occupy Vancouver GA – Police and Media

Occupy Vancouver GA - Police and Media

General assembly, held at the Woodwards building, planning “Occupy Vancouver”. This is a grassroots movement inspired by the now long-running Occupy Wall Str…

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  1. its all a lie mate – China and India might well be growing but the
    investment comes from the West – the rich are putting their money in parts
    of the world where wages are next to nothing – they have their new
    serfs/slaves and the worker in the west can go screw – its all a con –
    check out Corpalism by Arun D Ellis – its free at the min on Amazon – all
    you have to do is download it to your PC

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  3. @TheSelfGoverned Yes. It’s in the indoor plaza at the Woodwards building
    downtown. It started in a cafe but too many people turned up so they piled
    out into the plaza.

  4. good luck – do it!

  5. ive been down to occupy several times. the so called protesters are
    essentially braindead and if they were given double welfare, free school,
    free housing, they would be just as lazy and unsucessful. just ask any
    first nation.

  6. These people are needy idiots. If you can afford your iPod, iPhone, MacBook
    Pro etc. stop whining that you are broke, cause you deserve to be!

  7. thats not a shot on natives. they have been enslaved by “affirmative
    action” . be careful what you wish for, morons

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