Occupy Vancouver escalates with Run on the Banks

Today at Occupy Vancouver the people moved from the eternal process of the general assembly to the exciting world of direct action. The Run on the banks acti…
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  1. What a bunch of freaking ignorant jackass idiots

  2. Yes shutdown buisness’s that employee thousands of people -_- . the whole
    point of the movement is to close the gap in economic disparity not to make
    people lose there jobs.

  3. @NeutralExistence A) Im Canadian. I just happen to be in the US getting my
    medical training B) Im not trolling. I just know i worked hard AND smart in
    life. I know these people protesting may work hard (although I doubt that)
    and they definitely dont work smart. As I already said, these people are
    far from professional, so why would anyone hire them?? C) Really you think
    some big NY firm hired me to “troll” a Vancouver occupy video? God some
    people are stupid

  4. fuckn hippies

  5. we have the bank of canada but it is of no use. it could be, but it is
    largely ignored.

  6. I would like to know when the attack on the CBC headquarters is gonna
    happen ?? 1.1 BILLION dollars of taxpayer money with most going to David
    Suzuki. Please please someone tell me why the all might 1.1 billion dollar
    burden on Canadian taxpayers CBC isnt an issue ….hmmmmm anyone…..

  7. @PBisLEAD The banks didn’t get where they are through hard work, they got
    there through manipulation and fucking over everybody else. You are fucking
    pathetic for not complaining, you would rather bend over and let them fuck
    you instead of doing something about it. Grow some balls pussy.

  8. PATHETiC YOU SAY!!…I’m 100% sure you’re also getting screwed by the
    system you seem to sherrish so much!!…or are you slowly making your way
    up that greedy ladder yourself?…in any case, we don’t need your opinion
    unless it is of public interest or helpful to the commun cause!!…just
    keep it to yourself “dear” theche!!

  9. Occupy Cascadia

  10. Be a fucking lunatic thats whats needed to fix this massive problem people
    are to calm about this shit this is our future our kids future at stake
    take your money out the banks out the stock market and out of the hands of
    those that wish to control you with it RUN ON THE Banks 2012

  11. @cjrosse There is lots of people at the protests who were actually quite
    well off, and I really don’t see what their wages have to do with it.
    Obviously lots of people get paid under what they should, I really don’t
    see how you could disagree with a mother with children going to protest
    because she cant feed her kids with multiple jobs. Strange how some one
    with such a close view of life/death, can care so little about others.
    These are anti-war protests as well, there is much diversity.

  12. Oh god…lol please give that moron his $400 and then remove him off your
    property… Please don’t be out there cause you saw a group of people
    running around, and you wanted to join the party. Educate yourself on why
    you’re out there…and what you’re fighting for. I feel sorry for a lot of
    you out there…you’ve been educated by Media..

  13. I wish I had cash to withdraw!

  14. dancing on the counter just makes you look like a fking lunatic

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