HHVtv – David Suzuki at Occupy Vancouver – HIP HOP VANCOUVER

Hundreds gathered in front of the Vancouver Art Gallery to hear prominent scientist David Suzuki explain why you should support “Occupy Vancouver” & challeng…
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  1. Vancouver politician Suzanne Anton calls on city mayor to put an end to
    Occupation protests. She has clearly chosen sides in this class war. She
    stands firmly behind Mr. Harper and his $60 Billion worth of tax payer
    military equipment. Visit Suz’s official Facebook page and let her know
    your thoughts.

  2. Good production, He should ditch his tax solution. BC is one of the few
    suckers that bought into the Al Gore carbon credit king fear pitch. Maybe
    he will soon see Fukushima and ongoing meltdowns are a bit more important.
    The shots of spending were good to see, that is the money to fix a lot.

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