Cannabis Day Vancouver 2011 – Safer Than Alcohol

Thousands gather July 1st at the Vancouver Art Gallery to celebrate Cannabis Day. With music, speeches, food and the world’s only open Pharmer’s Market, the …
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  1. Wish I were there but I’m 16 stuck in southern california in a town that
    doesn’t like the idea of drug reform :p

  2. I can’t wait to move to California and rock these kinds of festivals with
    my funky dancing 🙂 This looks great fun! Australia needs to catch up

  3. “i like smoking pot, ‘cuz it makes me fell good” most original lyrics in
    the world.

  4. “i like smoking pot it cus it makes me feel good”

  5. why she saying its 5 years when he will be out in 2 3/4’s? just somthing
    makes sence someone clear it up for me becuase i smoked my self retarted
    lol Anyways if i was the judge id say marc emery your all you have to do is
    smoke 420 pounds of prohibted marijuana within a year free at charge with
    in that year if not then you have to pay for the rest even if its a gram or
    two 😛

  6. That is just the coolest thing that I have ever seen. I wish I could’ve
    been there this year, but because of circumstances being what they are, I
    really get anywhere.

  7. Great Event, I think we need a decent event on Cannabis Day in Edmonton
    that isn’t overwhelmed by cops like it was this year. I think I heard some
    ignoramus in the video saying Vancouver is Canada’s second largest city. I
    guess he’s NOT smarter than a fifth grader. 1 Toronto, Ontario 4,753,120 2
    Montreal, Que. 3,316,615 3 Vancouver, B.C. 1,953,252 Great speech by Jodi
    Emery, she’s a gem.

  8. haha the bag full at the beginning then GONE at the end 😀

  9. I am that guy at @ 1:51 on the left looking around cuz I was lost ha ha

  10. But there’s ONE BC PRo….. DUCE

  11. THIS IS FREEDOM! peaceful demonstration by peace loving people. How could
    anyone call this criminal.

  12. @bizel78 no thanks

  13. Fuck I love weed

  14. Yooo thats me and my homies at 3:58

  15. i hate when booze and pot get compared, i enjoy both!!

  16. too much truth and love in jodies speeches and i mean that in a good way.

  17. Anyone who says “no jodie you can’t have your husband back” is an evil

  18. 10 years living in Canada, first time stumbled upon this event…it was
    fraking incredible!!! I am kicking myself for not being part of it for 10
    years! Thank you for free joints and awesome music! The feeling that you
    get together with people, smoke weed and do NOT hide it from anyone is just
    amazing. Thank you guys for putting it together, I had a blast.

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