Art Miami 2012

Art Miami 2012

Although Art Basel Miami Beach is the famous art fair now and already in its 11th year, another art fair, Art Miami, is the longest-running contemporary art …
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  1. Umm that gorgeous woman at 4.44!

  2. why ART Basel? i just see Home Interior design!

  3. @John Land I absolutely. It just seems so artificial, cold and heartless in
    my opinion. I am just wondering what happened to the art that really came
    from the essence,soul and being of the artist that seemingly touched your
    spirit, drew emotions and provoked a thought. What happened to meaningful
    exploration in art that came across in the artist’s artwork that seemed
    genuinely effortless and a reflection of the artist’s sincere curiousity,
    passion and simply, love for art. ~Food For Thought~

  4. Nice!!!

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