4/20 ART GALLERY VANCOUVER 20 April, 2011. Tossing out free dope to the faithful. Butch (David Silvercloud), the guy with a camera on a stick, is there with …
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  1. straight. this is neat advertising how ever. they need to go out in the
    boonies experience some real fuckin experiences with this over abused

  2. @wazpure Actually don’t considering they no longer support Legalization,
    but they are better then Harper if your dead set against Red.

  3. wooooooooooo fridays gonna be dope !

  4. next 420 i go to that party too 😀

  5. degenerates of life

  6. 4:20?

  7. Butch plans to attend… I’m pretty easy to spot.

  8. @wazpure Vote Quimby.

  9. at wat time did they hand out the joints?

  10. Sweeeet! I’m in this lots. Awesome!

  11. God, i’d love humanity if everything was this way :).

  12. Butch will have his stick. I’m beginning to think I introduced the concept
    to Vancouver several years ago. I now see quite a few people with cameras
    on a stick. The stick is called a mono pod. I’m presently using a
    lightweight on called a Slik Lighty Pod 200 but most camera stores carry a
    variety of them. If you have an iPhone I recommend a very inexpensive and
    tiny one called the XShot which you can find through Google or
    XShotPix[dot]com or ask at a camera store for an XShot

  13. Bunch of dumb ass kids.

  14. 4020 viewer damn

  15. is the time 4:20 a thing to or no

  16. Yup…

  17. whos going friday?

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