420 Vancouver 2009

420 Vancouver Art Gallery myspace.com/wstr.
Video Rating: 4 / 5

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  1. Great aerial shots!

  2. you’re a dumbass as well like I said go smoke as much THC free marijuana as
    you want THC is the drug you fucking idiot and I’m pretty sure you can OD
    on THC but you will pass out before you do unless someone keeps giving it
    to you after you are pass out

  3. LOL……always gotta link it to gang violence… fukin bad kids

  4. Happy 420 all. It will be legal, one day.

  5. Exactly I refused to be on painkillers when I broke my ankle It was a 3 day
    fight with my doctor to get him to prescibe medicinal for me.

  6. that helicopter shot makes me so happy! so does the one on the ground with
    the billowing smoke! I’m so stoked for 420 2010, its going to be EPIC!!!

  7. Decriminalizing weed doesn’t take the profit out of organized crime you
    dumb blonde bitch, it takes the CRIME out of it.

  8. But because of our Government’s racist witch hunt against marijuana smokers
    and the acknowledge to lobbyists of the corporate world, it has made
    Marijuana easily available to our children and help feed 60% of the economy
    of the drug cartels. America (continent) should be more flexible and
    smarter than this.

  9. was that dj brukout at 49-50???

  10. 5,000 people? no. 10,000 people.

  11. “marijuana fuels organized crime” BULLSHIT greedy profiteers fuel organized
    crime (the government)

  12. And it’s not readily available to children right now? In all schools, as
    soon as you emerge through the front doors, I know that it is possible to
    buy Marijuana within 1 minute from other kids.

  13. snow birld flock of fags there needs to watch sum other vids if he gunna
    bitch he not very smart replacing cigarrets with weed? wtf how come cigs
    kills hundreds of people and weed dont hurt u at all huh? legalization
    would mean lower taxes cheaper health care bunch of other stuff but no
    people like you is wat is wrong with the world no brains not a thinker

  14. and thirdly it would be more accesable to younger children, witch is never
    a good thing no matter how much you swear by pot… and aside from all that
    the government would just be taking the place of the dealers cuz they cant
    stand not having a part of the action. I am also a pot smoker too, I am not
    a hater… Im just typing logical reasonings as to why it should not be


  16. fuck yea man 2010 olympic year in vancouver 420 is gunna be sick this

  17. Oo shit i know that kid at 50 seconds his name is cody

  18. ur american dumb ass how many ppl live in canada fucking none

  19. No it is not, It grows natuarly and the last time I looked up the word drug
    it was diefined as a “Man Made Synthetic Substance”

  20. @bltohivsky11 yes, yes it is!

  21. as soon as the government realizes that weed is NOT bad crime will continue
    to increase so just legalize it already

  22. @SnipesMcOwneg No, it isn’t, weed is related to gang violence because the
    gangs make huge amounts of money by selling it and smuggling it over the US
    border, so they turn to violence against other gangs and law enforcement to
    keep their operation running. However if it’s legalised gangs will no
    longer be able to sell it, because people will buy cheaper and safer weed
    legally, so gang related deaths will drop significantly.

  23. @SnowbirdFlock fag how does weed hurt you? your probaly a fuckin narc
    liberal douche bag peice of shit so fuck you

  24. exactly man!

  25. Yeah, don’t they start at 10 or 11 now? I mean don’t kids start to smoke
    tobacco, to drink booze, when they are around that age? That kid is smoking
    as a result of our prohibition policies. Do you see the same age kids drink
    in public as often? I don’t. In our neck of the woods drug dealing of all
    kinds takes place less than 30 meters from the playground in Grandview Park
    on Commercial Drive. They grow up wanting to do what the big boys and girls
    are doing. That is why I challenged the laws.

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